Launching the world's freshest home linens brand

Launching the world's freshest home linens brand
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The Situation

Miracle offers a line of silver-infused home linens that kill 99.9% of bacteria and require 3x less laundry. Despite having an innovative product line, the founding team approached us in 2018 because they were sitting on a warehouse full of inventory and were struggling to standout from the competition enough to attract customers in such a crowded space.

The Solution

We recreated and relaunched the entire Miracle brand from scratch including the name, brand identity, e-commerce experience, ad campaigns, and packaging - all with the goal of creating something that communicated the benefits of the unique antimicrobial silver properties while grabbing people's attention. We created a fresh and unique brand that consumers were eager to engage with and ended up driving the kind of accelerated growth the founding team was looking for.

How we helped

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy & Messaging
Website Design
Ongoing Creative Direction
Advertising & Marketing
Photography & Video
Packaging Design
Motion Design

We focused on communicating the benefits in a fun way that would grab people's attention and make them *feel* the freshness of the products.

To ensure a cohesive consumer experience, we developed wholistic brand guidelines to be used across all consumer touch points.

The art direction & content strategy leveraged bright imagery to capture people's attention and add some fun to an otherwise dull market.

Co-founder, Miracle Brand


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