Launching the DTC home for a new kind of social tonic

Launching the DTC home for a new kind of social tonic
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The Situation

Having already captured the attention of celebrity backers like Gwyneth Paltrow, Rebel Wilson, and Casey Neistat, Cann came to us wanting to build on this momentum to take their DTC ecommerce channels and hangover-free tonics to new heights.

The Solution

We knew that the key to engaging Cann’s audience would be designing an e-commerce experience that was as experiential as the product. However, since Cann’s social tonics contain THC and CBD, we weren’t able to work through Shopify. Instead, we had to get creative and build an entire DTC experience on WebFlow. We designed the experience to be fully interactive through full-width, fully-responsive layouts, applying best CRO practices at every touch point, to immerse customers in the world of Cann and excite them about the product.

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How we helped

Website Design
Creative Direction
Motion Design

We designed a fun, engaging layout for the site, populated by floating cans and glistening bubbles, to playfully express the uplifting effects of the THC and CBD doses.

From the landing page to the sales funnels, we implemented best-in-class CRO strategies, driving a lift in DTC performance across the board.

We showcased imagery that conveys the light, fruity ingredients and communicates the unique benefits of Cann’s hangover-free formula.

We aligned the visual elements and copy to emphasise Cann’s radical approach to sourcing healthy, unprocessed ingredients whilst delivering flavours worthy of the high-life.

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