Designing the face of Royal Caribbean's latest innovations

Designing the face of Royal Caribbean's latest innovations
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The Situation

Royal Caribbean came to us with a desire to accelerate their rate of innovation and to be seen as a more innovative brand within their market. They wanted help with the execution of some of their big ideas along with branding help for Sea Beyond, one of their largest events created to announce some of their innovations to the world.

The Solution

We started by setting a creative direction and designing a set of brand guidelines for their Sea Beyond event. We then rolled out these guidelines across dozens of apps, experiences, and innovations that would be presented by their CEO at their headlining event. We then worked closely with Royal's in-house product team to design and launch several consumer-ready experiences including a chat application for their guests to use while on-board their cruises.

How we helped

Digital Innovation
Product Design
Event Branding
Event Signage

We designed a visual system to present all of Royal's new innovation in a way that would feel exciting yet build on its existing brand assets.

We even designed a Keynote for the CEO to present these new ideas to the world.

After Royal's new innovations had been unveiled to the world, we worked hard to execute on actual consumer-ready experiences that brought the concepts to life in the real world.

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